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If a site is to be included in the W3DIR Directory, it is necessary to follow the following rules:
  • Status - The site must be functioning correctly and with content. Deactivated sites, without content,with virus or that are for sale are not allowed.
  • Content - The site should not be involved in criminal activities. The information must be true and not false to alter its position within the directory or ranking lists.
  • Categorization - The site must be categorized within its category, subcategory and corresponding niches. Do not abuse using niches that do not correspond to the site and if there are significant changes in your website it is recommended to update them.
  • Description - The description must be a text that describes the functionality or contents of the site. Do not use keywords as this description is intended for users and should be readable.
Failure to comply with these rules will lead to one of these consequences:
  • Anonymous Editor: The site will be reviewed by our editors. In case the anonymous editor has deliberately tried to damage the website we will try to contact its webmaster. The website can be included in the directory or placed in hidden mode(the site will not appear in the directory or in the ranking lists, but it will not receive a fine and its status can be modified by its webmaster in any moment).
  • Webmaster: The site remains banned within W3DIR (it will not appear in the directory or in the ranking lists). The ban will remain active until the payment of a fine that will correspond to the number of infractions committed by the site for the amount of 2 €.



Select a category, a subcategory and at least one niche of a group. Depending on the group you can select one or more niches, but select only those niches and groups of them that are related to your website.
If you do not find the section where you can include your website, you can suggest it to us.


Write a description (recommended in English) of your website between 200 and 500 characters. The text should be readable and meaningful to users, do not use keywords. If the language detector does not identify it correctly, you can select the language of your description.
Language Detector: Character Counter:



To edit some fields it is necessary to verify the ownership of the site. There are three ways to do it:
1- Download this file and upload it to the root directory of your website.
2- Copy this html tag and add it to the header of the homepage of your website.
<meta name="w3dir" content="b246af1816178028e5ad118d4b3dc2dfeda32ab5a039098bc86eff73f9471332">
The file or html tag changes each time it is used.
3- Only for returning webmasters. You can enter a password and use it as a verification method in future times. If you lose your password, use a new file or the html tag and enter your new password.
Enter a password that only contains letters and numbers. It must have between 8 and 16 characters.


It is possible for webmasters to change the status of their site in hidden mode. In this mode the site will disappear from the directory and from the ranking lists. It will remain in our database to prevent its inclusion by third parties and may be activated at any time.
Active (Current)

LINK TYPE(Optional)

Choose the type of links with which the site will appear. This can positively or negatively affect the SEO of the site.
'nofollow' link
'dofollow' link


Write the IDs or urls of the social networks used by your site.
Facebook Account
Twitter Account


Select the languages ​​supported by the site. By default we include the language detected in its description, if it is available.
(Press Ctrl to select multiple options or to deselect.)


If applicable to your site, select the location of the service or related business.