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EDIT INFO: bdo.bw

If you are a user or the owner / webmaster you can complete the information that we have so that it appears in the web directory.
NOTE: If you are the owner/webmaster do not try to submit websites without content or with virus, they will be banned from the web directory. Websites in advanced development or partially working are accepted.

Verify Ownership(Optional)

Identification as the webmaster / owner is recommended so that you can modify all fields. There are currently two ways to do this:
NOTE: The verification file can only be used once per submission. You can delete it once the process has been successfully completed.
Editable Field
Non-editable Field
1. Download the file (empty) and upload it to the root directory of your website.
Click to download the verification file.Download

2. Create a file (empty) in the root directory of your website. The file should be called 5b1bc83a7026fba471f92a5948140ff31ca52e49.xml

The system can not detect the file on your server. Try again, if it does not work, contact us.

Site ownership has been successfully verified. You can continue filling out the form.

0. Change Site Status

W3DIR allows owners / webmasters of a website to switch to hidden mode. In this mode all information and links of the website are deleted, the site will be removed from the directory within a maximum of 24 hours and listed in a maximum of 1 month. The owner/webmaster can activate the site at any time.
NOTE: The domain is maintained in our database to prevent it from being added again by third parties.
Hidden Active

1. Choose Category / Subcategory / Niches(Required)

Choose a category, a subcategory and as many niches as the content of your site currently offers. Contact us first if you would like to suggest a new subcategory or niche (e.g, a new brand)
NOTE: Use only the niches you need for the content that the website offers. If you are the owner/webmaster and abuse occurs by choosing irrelevant niches for the website, the site can be banned from web directory.

2. Description(Required)

Write a description (recommended in English) of your website between 200 and 500 characters.
NOTE: The text should be readable and meaningful to users. Do not use keywords, they are not used in web directory.

Number of characters:

3. Social Networks(Only owner/webmaster)

Write the ID of the Facebook and / or Twitter accounts if the website has them.
Facebook Account
Twitter Account

4. Languages Supported(Only owner/webmaster)

Select a location if the activity representing the website requires a place to be carried out. E.g shops, hotels, companies ..

5. Location(Only owner/webmaster)

Select a location if the activity representing the website requires a place to be carried out. E.g shops, hotels, companies ..