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Give me a goroshinka!I such pretty!lines small pillows of fingers both hands we carry out easy percussions on a table surface, representing raskativshiyesya goroshinka.fingers of both hands we collect lines in shchepot and we peck the imagined goroshinka.line we put hands the boat, we extend them forward and we ask a goroshinka.line both palms we iron ourselves on cheeks or on the head.In the sea the boat floated, In it the fox rowed with an oar.The fox got tired, Set sail. It quietly dived into one of grottoes, and right there from the palace shouts were distributed Ah you, wretch!As you dared!I to you will set!Oh, help, rescue, I got stuck!The little small fish a bullet took off from the palace.I dived into a grotto, she with emotion told, and zolo thawing a small fish as will cry on me.I rushed to narrow pass, to hide, and it for me also got stuck there.Here and well!So it is also necessary to it!small fishes burst out laughing Small fishes, help, rescue me. Old grandfather Seryozha, as always, did not enter, and ran in to the apartment and with on declared horns The grandfather, do not disturb, I need urgently to design mo del of the plane.At us announced competition of designers.Let's have dinner at first, Serezhenka.I am a lunch of a sv enc.Ear ring wanted to refuse, but thought that the grandfather all rav but will not lag behind.The grandmother at Sergey died, and the grandfather long lived in the village one.It arrived to the city to help the grandson three years back, when the boy went to school. It should be noted that extent of social and school disadaptation not always correlates with degree of expressiveness of quantitative indices of a carelessness, hyperactivities and impulsivenesses.Quite often at the child with the expressed disadaptation moderate degree of SDVG is noted.In such cases the main attention should be paid to psychological roots of this situation.

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